Picnics, Platters & Pricing

Please consider your type of event when ordering - Picnic boxes are recyclable, where as Platters need to be washed and retured to The Professional Grazer within 3 days or ordering. Note - Prices include GST:

Eco friendly Picnic boxes:

Piccolo 225 x 225mm feeds 2+ $64
Medio 359 x 252mm feeds 5+ $110
Grande 450 x 310mm feeds 8+ $168


Gruppo 250 x 450mm feeds 6+ $129
Folla 350 x 550mm feeds 10+ $210
Festa 550 x 880mm feeds 25+ $500


*”Feeds” numbers are indicative of light grazing. This will ultimately vary depending on how hungry your party is! Things to consider: whether this is before/after a meal and time of the day – after work drinks can be a pretty hungry affair!


Grazing Tables:
$17 per head + $2.50 per head if you would like a macaron for each guest (normally $3.50 each)
Minimum 35 people. Table will need to be supplied and delivery and collection fees apply.

Flat-lay grazing tables are an easy no fuss option, as all food is layed out on food safe paper with clean up being as simple as disgarding used paper at the end of the event.

If you are looking for something with levels to add interest and detail, then elements can be used to create your dream table. At the end of the event all boards, dishes, boxes, crates, trays, tongs & knives etc will need to be clean for collection or when dropped off. If you require the table to be dismantled and cleaned on your behalf a cleaning fee will be applied to your booking. 

The Food:
You can expect a combination of the following to be served up:

  • Always: Brie/Camembert and a Blue. Thereafter, (depending on size or platter/box) whatever is really good at the time eg. Gouda, Pesto Gouda, Cheddar, Goat cheese
  • Gourmet deli meats such as salami and/or cured ham
  • Fresh herb bread, made by The Professional Grazer
  • A mixture of specialty crackers, some made by The Professional Grazer
  • Olives
  • Relish sourced from local producers
  • Dips, made by The Professional Grazer
  • Fresh & dried fruit
  • Nuts
  • Homemade sweet treats, made by The Professional Grazer

Extra Meat, Cheese or Sweets
There is the option to upsize your platter or picnic to remove the bread and add extra meat/cheese OR add extra sweets (these will come on a separate platter or in a
separate box) for an additional cost. Please ask about this when you enquire.

Delivery & Collection

  • Delivery available from Te Puna to Papamoa

Delivery cost is a flat rate of $5 for 0-5km from my house in Otumoetai. Thereafter it is $1 per/km rounded down to the nearest km. For example Otumoetai to Tay St in The Mount is 8.7km so delivery would be $8.

  • Platter collection

If you have ordered a Platter, this can be collected by arrangement if you are unable to drop it back to me. Cost is half the delivery fee again. Using the above example of Otumoetai to The Mount, collection cost would be $4.