Project: 3 joys

# 3 charities close to my heart:

Starting The Professional Grazer wasn’t just about doing what I love and helping provide for my little family. That’s a huge part of course. But it was also about creating something that could help others along the way.

Even if the contribution is small, it means a huge deal to add an element to my business that is community-driven. Not only for greater purpose, but to show my children there is always room in our hearts to do more.

Introducing Project: 3 joys

  • 3% of my profit
  • Shared across 3 charities
  • Bringing 3 joys

3 joys I am truly grateful for:

  • Feeling joy doing what I love every day
  • Bringing joy to others through delicious food
  • Spreading joy by helping those in need

The 3 chosen charities are all close to my heart:


I will accumulate the 3% across the year and then share it equally, making a one-off payment to each charity every year.

Every purchase my customers make will help me help others...and spread joy - now that's exciting!

If this sounds like something you would like to financially contribute to, mention when you enquire. I will be sure to pass your joy on.